Watch Me


Watch me stumble

Watch me fall

Watch me crumble

I have failed numerous times

I try to reconnect all the pieces

So the image can be picture perfect

How many more time will I fail?

Watch me fake that smile

and laugh that laugh

Sit in my corner

And prepare my slumber

When will I NOT fail?

You just watch me…

Observe ME

Collecting my broken pieces

Pick myself up no matter how many times I stumble and fall

Throw away that fake smile and release my lips and teeth

So the world can see my happy state

Observe me

As I am finally



and Being ME

8 thoughts on “Watch Me

    • For me, I never truly knew who I was. You could say that I always played a different character in my childhood. I was accustomed to always pleasing but myself. A couple years ago, I think I just realized that instead of questioning everything about, I should accept everything about me and that’s when I truly started to discover myself (I still am). You never stop finding yourself and that is the best part. You just have to take that step forward and say, “Let’s start this journey together!” and go on from there. I hope this helped in some way. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I enjoyed reading a few of yours. You are an excellent writer.


    • Failures, depression, PTSD, and everything that comes with it. The possibility to get up again is nearly impossible when you are im either state. It is normal to fail. It is okay to feel depressed. It does to make you any less to have PTSD. Once that is acknowledged then that is when you are ready to climb.

      Thank you.

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