I started this blog to let my inner voice be heard. I have been silent for many years and, with help, I’ve learned to accept that telling my story is okay. I believe the beginning of healing is telling your story; whether it is telling a trustworthy friend or standing in front of the shore yelling your story from beginning to end so the wind can take your echo and spread it to the world.

Our stories may be different. Your past, present, and future may be different from mine, but our emotions and struggles are all the same. It is a common phrase, but very hard to apprehend, “We are not alone.”

I hope i can inspire, motivate, and encourage those with a story to tell your story.

My healing process is just that-a process.

Your healing is about to begin.



I am a mask within a mask.

I am a sculputure whose artist is redefining every inch and centimeter of me.

I am the very work of my own struggles and accomplishments.

I am ME.