Take Me


Wash the sand from my feet

Take your hands and grab my feet

Pull me in

Pull me deep

Take my fear

Replace it with tranquility

I will let you steer

See my vulnerability

Let me lay on your blanket

The sun warming my skin

Creature lurking underneath

Let me become one with you

Drag me away from everything

Take me away.

Pull me deep

Deeper than deep

Send me to another realm

You are the helm

The distant shore

Leave it there

A sight of sore

Let me look away

Let the tide

Pull me to the abyss

Watch Me


Watch me stumble

Watch me fall

Watch me crumble

I have failed numerous times

I try to reconnect all the pieces

So the image can be picture perfect

How many more time will I fail?

Watch me fake that smile

and laugh that laugh

Sit in my corner

And prepare my slumber

When will I NOT fail?

You just watch me…

Observe ME

Collecting my broken pieces

Pick myself up no matter how many times I stumble and fall

Throw away that fake smile and release my lips and teeth

So the world can see my happy state

Observe me

As I am finally



and Being ME



Look at the pale orange warmth of that sunset

Penetrating through the window

Covering the walls with its splashes of yellow and orange colors.

Let’s tuck you in

It’s time for bed

Let’s watch the dancing colors fade from the ceiling and the walls

Imagine the colors transforming into stars

Imagine that you will travel far…very far

Beyond the dark sky

You wil fly

Close you eyes

Say good bye to the sun’s colors

Welcome the dark blue

The shinning moon

And the millions of cities of lights

Welcome the good night.



That is a mockingbird

Who wants you to sing along

To it’s song.

A song that is carried by the wind

Makes you feel like you’re on a swing

High and might

Powerful and light

Light as a feather

That is a mockingbird

Who has not been tethered

It is free

It’s telling you

Look at me.

A Friend


You push me away

You hide away

You desolate yourself

And become your own cage

While your insides scream

You throw away your freedom

I wonder…do you know we are here?

You create a show

And you are leading the stage

With your silent misery

I wonder…do you know we are here?

Our love is eternal

Our love is unconditional

Our love travels distance

Our love sings and dances

I wonder…do you know we are here?

You distract yourself in darkness

and choose solitude as a best friend

Have you not realised your friend is

a malicious fiend.

I wonder…do you know we are here?

Three musketeers we call ourselves

Yet, your bad days take you for themselves

Three musketeers we call ourselves

Yet, you seem so distant

It’s like your existence will vanish in an instant.

I wonder…do you know we are here?

I wish to tell you

YES, we are here.

We are here when you are breaking

When you are dying

When you are crying

We are here.

I will always say I love you until the end of time

Because no amount of time will break this bond

So, stay strong

Move on

Close your eyes and feel that darkness fade

It will grasp with all its might

But you have the power to decide whether it stays.

Never give up the fight to bloom into a better you.

We love you.

Sweet Silence


Wild flowers


Rain showers

Sun light

Darkness creep

Path is steep

Mouth closed

Hands fold

Across my chest

Safe and secure

Stay away from the lure

To open my mouth

SPEAK my truth

TELL my truth

SCREAM my truth.

Heart aches

Pain is furtive like a snake.

Sweet silence devour me.

I will no longer try to plead

Let me sleep

Close my eyes and let me dream

Sweet, sweet dreams of sunlight

Rain showers and moonlight while

Sorrounded by all sorts of wild flowers

Innocence of dreams

I am not worthy

I am damaged

I will shut this out.

I will keep my secret locked

It will not flee.

Just let me be me.

Let me dwell in this inchoate form

Sorrounded by the sound of the storm.

I am safe here.

A Happy Memory


A frigid evening

a ride to the park

shivering wind and

warm hearts.

Fiery sunset

it’s bound to leave a mark.

Blankets of white covers, not a

green color in sight.

Time to grab some snow

Commence the snowball fight.

Visible breath from his chapped lips

Laughter and more of that sweet laughter

Happiness like scenes from a movie clip.

Frigid wind and warm hearts…

The Smell of a Man


As my husband lays his head on my breast, I press my nose

to his hair and caress it ever so gently. I close my eyes

and immerse myself with the smell of his hair until

the past pulls me down…


A handful of Ralph Lauren cologne.

Throat burning.

Is this the smell of a man?

Stench of alcohol.

Sweat and…again that smell

of alcohol…

Is this the smell of a man?

No…this is the smell of a monster.

I pull myself back and place myself in my present.

Slowly, I run my fingers through his hair and inhale

the sweet, soft, and loving smell of this man.

This is the smell of a man…my man.



  I was walking underneath the pier with my family whe I glanced at this magnificent spot. For some odd reason I was overwhelmed with anxiety; it felt as though the raging waters would swallow me any second, and yet, I felt strong. I stood there. I did not move, not because I could not move, but because I CHOSE not to move. 

I found a hidden strength. 

Where is your focus?



I watch him sleep. 

Eyes closed.

His breathing pattern, the sound of a lullaby.

I lift my finger and slowly trace his lips.

 The hair follicles on his chin, slightly twisting them around my finger. 

I trace the curves of his broad chest.

I bring my hand to his hair, his waves identifying to the waves of the ocean. 

He twitches. 

I smile. Happiness. 

I wake up and turn my head. 

He’s not there. 

I look up and watch the popcorn textures dance around my ceiling.

What is this feeling?

Come back my sweet love.

I am in the mist. 

I am waiting for my light.